Give zipcode a default value in checkout page if only accepting Cash on Delivery

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Dear all, 

I understand that when it comes to the checkout page in a Shopify store, we are unable to adjust it as it needs to meet the requirements for processing the credit cards. However , I will be selling in Senegal (West Africa) only & my store will have one and only one payment method which is Cash on Delivery (No customer will pay using a credit card). 99.9 % of people here don't know their zip code and I am afraid the zip code thingy will make them abandon their purchases.

Is there a way to provide a default value for the zip code ?


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If they didn't know their zip code, I guess the pick-up branch is the only way. For example FedEx or LBC Express offers pick-up branch.

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I have found a similar thread that may help you :


To summarise, removing or hardcoding zip codes is something that cannot be achieved. But you can put up a message to your customers by editing the files provided in the link so that they are only required to put a generic zip code and go ahead with the process of shipping. You can use the Multi Carrier Shipping label app to continue to ship effortlessly in countries that do not require zip codes.

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