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Going from Mailchimp to Shopify-Email

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Currently, I have a mailing list on Mailchimp. Since the introduction of Shopify-Email, I now also have a list of users who have subscribed during the checkout process. This means I now have 2 lists.


I quite like the ease of the Shopify-Email templates.


So, therefore, am left wondering about

  1. how do I import Mailchimp contacts into Shopify-Email, so that I have one unified list?
  2. how can users subscribe to Shopify-Email without having to go through the checkout process?

Perhaps I'm overlooking something?

Thankful for your advice.

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Hi jdj,

I've found an article about how to connect Mailchimp to Shopify, you can read it here:

Maybe it could help.

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Hi @jdj,

As far as I understand, here are the answers to your questions:

  1. To import MailChimp contacts into Shopify Email, you need to export the contact from MailChimp and import into your Shopify Store's Customer page. (This is where Shopify Email use your email list)
  2. As Shopify Email uses emails from your Customers page, users can subscribe when they submit to a Customer Form within your store.

There's this reviews about Shopify Email and how you create a customers form that collect email addresses to be used with Shopify Email, maybe you can take a look:

Shopify Email - Honest App Review

If it’s helpful for you, please let me know by giving it a like or marking it as a solution!

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How do I change so that the pop up window on my website along with the sign up for email template on my website adds new email adresses to my Shopify Email and not to my Mailchimp? Right now people who sign up with their email adress is sent to a 404 error page. 

I used to have Mailchimp, but have now switched to Shopify Email instead. 

All the best!