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Good data on Facebook ads but no sales

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Hey everyone

I've been running Facebook ads for almost a month now. There were good traffic, even reaching 250 over sessions. There were a few ATC as well and a few checkouts. However, there are no sales. My CTR for the ads I'm running is always maintaining at 3.5% to over 6% plus.

Here's the link link to my landing page from my ads:


Hope yall will be able to advice! 

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Hi there,

I’m developing an app that can hopefully help with this. Clearly, abandoned carts prevent you from getting sales. I’m creating a “universal” cart to let shoppers retain their items and finish checkouts more frequently, while also reducing checkout friction. You can learn more here:

If you join the email list, I will reach out to chat a bit more, and I can also add you to the first group of beta users. Thanks, and best of luck with your business!

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Hi @PoshMinutes,

Hyde here from Shopify.

Congratulations on setting up your store! You've done a fantastic job so I'm really just looking at suggestions I can make to really make it the best version it can be!

I would suggest that, as a new brand, you really want to focus on introducing yourselves in a way that instills trust in your customer. We have a full forum post on building buyer trust, but one thing that stands out for me is that your copy could be improved somewhat! So, for example, the About Us page:


 You want to keep the acronym WIIFM (What's In It For Me) foremost in your mind (I learned about this from this copywriter pro) so you need to think in terms of your customers who will read your page and ask: so what? What's in it for me? Your copy in your About Us page could really be built out to address the customer more directly. More use of "you" and "your" and less use of "we" and "our".

Take inspiration too from the boldness, imagery, and aesthetic of other successful brands. For example, uses video and short concise paragraphs to explain what they're about and how they might help their customers.

And this finally begs the question: do you know your customers? You can funnel plenty of money into paid advertising, but if it isn't targeting the right people then it's just wasted. So be sure you have a clear customer persona in mind - here's how you do that.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have further questions.

All the best, Hyde.

Andrew | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Posh,

it sounds like your issue may be the products.

Nobody these days needs a watch to get the time. Watches are discretionary lifestyle purchases that often act as style or prestige beacons. Long delivery times due to dropshipping from overseas  combined with low prices undermines that perception of prestige. 

My theory is that visitors are simply bored and window shopping, perhaps even completing a checkout to check shipping. ( a lot of people just like to "fake buy" stuff )

Overall, this is a tough niche. You can read about my general thoughts on the dropshipping model here.  

All the best, Jeremy




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