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Good FB AD Engagements no sales

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I'm getting a lot of engagement 1k-3k a day, but I'm not getting any sales.

I really don't know what im doing wrong, I'm even doing Free Shipping and Just pay for shipping methods, but none of it seems to work. So to sum it up I have good engagements on FB, but 0 sales. What am I doing wrong?

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Is it the fidget spinner store attached to your name? If so, there are a few issues. 

There is no shipping information or FAQs anywhere. There isn't any problem descriptions, just specifications. Your logo doesn't show a name. The website looks a little "rushed". Also you are trying to enter the fidget craze that's going on. Everyone on Facebook is being bombarded with fidget spinners. They'll be hard to succeed it right unless you are providing different or proprietary spinners. It's not always a good idea to hop in a field just because it's everywhere. 

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Also, you may want to consider remarketing strategy on Facebook as people may not be ready to purchase the first time they visit. Have you installed a Facebook pixel? 

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I've updated my website if you guys want to review it. I think i remodeled it pretty good, I hope to get more conversions I'm still getting insane traffic through Instagram feed and FB, but sitll 0 sales.

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Do not do Free plus shipping it is a business model that does not really work anymore. It appears to be a scam now because too many people have abused it.

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Are you targeting your campaigns well? Maybe you are getting unqualified traffic and that's why you don't get conversion.

Another thing could be your website, you should improve some parts, such as the images of the front page (they are really low quality images).



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Basically the store is pretty fine but the slidder image is abit blurish.. as for the facebook ad i've subcribed to a powerful facebook tool for facebook ad. It has helped and save a lot of time to get the precise target audience and increase my conversion rate..pls check it out and i can say that its a must have tool if you run an ad in facebook..