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Hello everyone,

Just launched my store a couple hours ago. I would like to know how to bring more traffic using google ad words. What are the best ads to place on google?

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I recommend Google Shopping, as it has a pretty high buy intent. The main goal of advertising is to find people who want to buy from you. Listing in a visual environment such as Google Shopping is pretty powerfull. Then when you have visitors you can set up remarketing, which will allow you to retarget existing visitors increasing the return of investment of the initial spending to get this customer on to your website.

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Thanks Emmanuel i think thats a great idea!

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Hey there, congrats on your store launch. That's great as you are thinking to promote it with adwords.

You have not specified your niche or given any further details about your site which you have launched. Would like to know more and keen to help you out!


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It was to my understanding that you could see my url of my site. its

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Great post! Thanks for writing. 

Wanted to throw in my $0.02 on this issue…

If you're going to have a vendor or service provider/agency help with your Google Adwords, it's important to keep them accountable. When vetting, ask this question:

What outside audiences are you utilizing to inform or assist your campaigns?

There’s a plethora of data available nowadays via remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), Google Analytics integration, and more to assist the modern Google Ads advertiser. 

There’s raising bids against non-converting site visitors with a higher likelihood to convert than your pure prospecting audiences. There’s targeting similar audiences of your highest-value purchasers to cautiously test into new pockets of keywords. 

Point being, advertisers are empowered beyond the simple keyword. A good search agency, at the very least, should be leveraging observation bids up against core site audiences. If they’re not and are struggling to find optimization solutions beyond “raise the bids,” you’re not leveraging the full power of the Google Ads platform.

Anyway, we blogged about this today if you want some additional questions for vetting a digital marketing agency:

Hope that helps! See ya

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Hello Roberto,

How is it going with the Google adwords; did you conclude on that?

Chanced on your question and thought I should give my opinion. I will recommend setting up a Google shopping campaign. So, why Google Shopping Ads?

--Below are some of the great advantages of Google Shopping ads--

  • Your Google Shopping Ads will perform better than your text-based ads. There's a reason more and more retailers are allocating more of their marketing budget toward Google Shopping Ads over text ads. Studies show that Google Shopping Ads generate 26% higher conversion rates and have a 23% lower cost-per-click than text ads.

--Benefit from broader reach with Google Shopping Ads--
With Google Shopping campaigns, your ads have the potential to appear more than once for a single query.

--What you need to create a Shopping campaign--
1. You need a product feed
2. Google merchant account

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Hi Roberto,

I hope you managed to bring some traffic to your store via Google Ads.

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