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Google Ads Account Suspension - Circumventing Systems

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Our Google Ads account was suspended as a result of a Circumventing Systems policy violation in December.  We launched our new website and e-commerce shop last year and are still trying to learn and navigate the world of e-commerce and digital marketing.  We have three brick and mortar hardware store retail locations as well.  We are at a complete loss as to what we did wrong.  We have spent so many hours reading all of the policies and have tried reach someone at google (tried phone, live chat, email, etc.) however the google team just sends us their basic policy page with no detail).  Like so many other people who have posted, we are a legitimate company just trying to run a business... we are doing the best we can to learn these new platforms and are extremely frustrated at the lack of information that is available to help us fix whatever it is we did wrong to allow us to move forward with our work.

We are hoping someone in this community can give us some direction... after reading through all of these threads and google forums, here are a couple of our 'best guess' ideas we have about possibly WHY we may have been suspended.  Does it sound like any of these could be valid reasons?  If so, does anyone have suggestions about how to fix and appeal?  

1.  About our business:  We have an e-commerce website and shopify store that we launched last year.  The store is a spin-off of our home decor and gift departments in our brick and mortar retail stores. The mailing address we use on the site is the location of one of our retail stores where we ship from.  We have a separate Google Ads account for our retail business (Griffin Ace Hardware).  It is a totally different business with three retail hardware store locations.  Could this be the reason for the suspension - having two different Google Ads accounts?  If so, is it possible to fix this?  How do you/Can you fix the google accounts to market different businesses and different locations?

2. We had a consultant set up our Google Ads account for us (they are in the UK).  Would the fact that we had a UK-based company set up the account (under their manager account) cause a problem?  

3.  If none of these items look like they could be the reason, any other suggestions re: what to look for?  Or do we just throw in the towel and give up on Google ads?  

Thank you, in advance, for any assistance, resources, guidance you can provide.  

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Hi! Did you ever get this sorted out? I am hopeful that you did, because it's happening to me!