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Hello Community,


I am struggling to get my Google Ads account updated with Google Analytics audiences.


Once I connected Google analytics to my shopify store, it started bulding up the audiences, but the Google Ads account continued to state that the Tag is not firing. So I tried a new connectio way, and now Google Ads Tag is completely not working anymore.


Does anybody know how to install both Tags properly into Shopify?


I have currently followed this tutorial for Analytics Tag and just connected the Tags in their respective systems. But this does not seem to work. In Google Analytics webpage I can see all data. So the tracking works fine.


I am about to freak out... Appreciate any support!google tags 1.JPGgoogle tags 2.JPGgoogle tags 3.JPGgoogle tags 4.JPGgoogle tags 5.JPG

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Hi mehdi007,


What tutorial have you followed? You didn't link to anything. Looking at your code, I'm guessing it's this one I wrote as I developed that code.


It seems you're trying to setup dynamic remarketing audiences in Google Analytics? Correct me if I'm wrong.


The code in your additional javascript for Google Analytics has nothing to do with dynamic remarketing. The meat of that code is for the Checkout Behavior report. I suggest you read my book—there's a section on dynamic remarketing with steps to get that setup so you see your audiences and parameters build correctly.

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