Google Ads are recording less conversions, even worse with the post-purchase

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I have noticed that the conversions recorded for my Google Ads (specifically the Performance Max campaign) are significantly lower than expected (i would say about 20-30% are recorded). Currently, I am using the "Google & YouTube" app, which should automatically track conversions.


Initially, I thought this issue might be a temporary glitch and didn't pay much attention to it for the past two months. However, I now realize that this could negatively impact the performance of my ads in the long run.

Additionally, I recently installed a post-purchase upsell app, which seems to have exacerbated the problem. Since not everyone visits the thank you page, the conversion pixels are not firing properly. I've noticed that there is an "additional script" section where I can add codes.


I'm uncertain whether this issue is related to the "Google & YouTube" app or if there's another solution. I'm quite confused about how to resolve this. Can you provide any guidance or assistance?


Thank you.

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