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Google Ads Conversion Tracking Not Visible in Checkout Page

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i add this codes;


for head


for footer;


and settings > checkout, additional code area;


where am i mistake? why i can't see purchase processing in Google Ads panel and tracking code why not visible in checkout page and thank you page.

note: prices like this 499.00 TL

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Unless you are on Shopify+,  you don't have access to the checkout.liquid file to add code.

But, if you are using GTM, rather than adding to the liquid files, add GTM to the Additional JS section for Google Analytics.


This will add GTM to every page, including the checkout pages.

This will add the GTM code in the <head>, so you don't need to add <noscript> portion here. (I would add the noscript to theme.liquid, just below the <body> rather than the footer). Then you can setup Ads to fire from GTM and have more control where it is loaded. 

Does that help?


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hello, i add code (automatic remove script tags) it visible all pages except check out page 😞 

And i can't add this code <script async src=""></script> to Prefences > Google Analytics area

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Firstly, Tag Manager can be distinguished from the ads tracking you have setup at checkout, which is done directly through Google Ads. So they are separate issues UNLESS you have the global site tag firing through Tag Manager.

You need to add the global site tag to the order status/thank you page where you have the conversion tracking in checkout settings. You'll see the conversion tracking uses gtag which is not native in Shopify. The global site tag can be retrieved by going to your conversion tracking code in Google Ads. Add it just above the conversion code or you can set it up through Tag Manager.

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Hi, I am experiencing a similar issue. GA is not tracking conversions. However, it is tracking Checkout Goals (@josh_uebergang, I imported your exact Goal).  What's strange is that this used to work perfectly well. So, I'm confused about what happened.

This shows that a Conversion Goal occurred. 


However, a Google Tag Assistant shows that the tag did not appear on the check-out pages. As a result, it seems that GA is not recording conversions.



What's strange is that the Tag Assistant Report shows that the GA Tag recorded a PV of the Shopping Cart page, which is the last page that appears before Check-out.



Here's a screenshot of GA having recorded a sale. The last date that this happened was 11/19/20. Sales since then have not been recorded within Ecommerce Conversions.



Does anyone have any suggestions as to why GA is recording any hits to the Order Thank You Page? And, if GA did record hits to the Order Thank You Page, would that result in an ecommerce conversion in GA?


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Hi Josh,

I would be very grateful if you could you take a look at my comment on this thread:

My GA Tag isn't firing on the Order Thank You Page. I think I understand why my GA Tag wouldn't fire on the payment gateway but I am confused about why my tag doesn't resume firing once the user is redirected back to my domain where the Order Thank You page is presented. Does it have anything to do with the domain appearing the GA Referral Exclusion List?

Thank you so much!