Google Ads Dynamic Search Ads targeting Out of stock products

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I am running a dynamic search ads campaign for our site

The issue I am having is that Out of stock products are being targeted because they, while not linked from within the site, still evidently exist in Google's index. The easiest fix would be to add an exclusion in Ads to say "if a product is out of stock, don't target it". The problem is that to Google, there is no difference between in-stock and out-of-stock pages. I can't add an "out-of-stock " content exclusion because in-stock pages have out-of-stock included as hidden text, and so all products end up being excluded. I can't create a rule to only target pages that have "add to cart" in the content, because the "add to cart" is a button and Google doesn't recognize the text of a button.  Besides those two things, there is no difference between an out of stock product like this: or an in stock product like this that we can create a rule to help identify one from the other.

I need to create some difference in either the page title or the content on Out of stock products that I can then create a rule in Ads to exclude them with. Putting "out-of-stock" in the page title of only out-of-stock pages would work. Putting any unique text in the copy would work.  I just need to create some kind of automated difference.  Does anyone know if this is possible?

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