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Google Ads Error for Dynamic Ads: "Fix your audience source"

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I'm receiving the following error in Google Ads. I am using the Shopify Google plug in to send my product feed, what needs to be changed? I'm unclear as to what this means.

Our website is Thanks for the help!

Fix your audience source that's sending a required parameter that doesn't match your feed

Your campaigns can't tailor dynamic ads based on user activity when the required parameter doesn't match your feed. Make sure the audience source is sending the required parameter correctly and your feed has the right items. 


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Did you ever get an answer?

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help me!!! I have been on forums, videos, chats to no avail. How do I fix this same problem?

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Thanks for the topic. Its really helping our food e-commerce website. We are handling online meat delivery website.

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Hi, Has anyone gotten a response to this? I have the same issue suddenly!

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I have the same issue, I realized it after setting up Google tag manager, I'm wondering if it's related

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I have the same issue going on