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I have a shop who sell in Bulgaria. I want to start to do a google ad and dynamic display remarketing but for this I have a need of product feed. The problem is I cant use Google Merchant Center for creating a feed, because it doesn't support BGN currency. For this I want to do a custom product feed who I upload direct in Google Ads. 

The specific for the feed is:
- have to be in .csv format;
- have to have:
 ID (type: string);
 Item Title (type: string);
 Final URL (type: string);
 Image URL (type: string);
 Item Category (type: string);
 Price (type: string);
 Sale Price (type:string).

After I upload this feed, I have to set the server with a link to the feed who refreshes the data daily.

Here you have to see the official template of google for creating a Custom Feed for dynamic remarketing.

The question is:

Can you tell me, how can creating this .scv feed in my shopify with this criteria and get a link direct of the feed 

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You have to setup GOOGLE SHOPPING with google sales channel on Shopify.  

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I was write that BGN currency is not supported from google merchant
See the screenshot