Google ads item ID and product names

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Hello everyone,


I manage a Google shopping campaign and Shopify generate a unique item ID (instead of the customize you get when use Google Shopping).

My problem is that I have to be able to see each item individually to adjust and optimize.

instead what I see is something like this: shopify_us_3489239723_2392372937, this represent and item, country and variant but not the name.


When I launched the campaign 2 years ago I had 400 items so I used the Subdivide label 0 with the item name and was able to manage the campaign easily, the problem is I reached the maximum so I have to use the other Subdivide instead.

I use brand --> product type --> 


I wanted to ask what is your solution for an issue similar to mine, how can you manage a campaign with many items that you need to be able to tell by name and not by a very long ID.


Ill be happy to read your suggestions. 


Thanks in advance.




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Hi @jaxsem 


When I'm optimising a shopping campaign I don't look at what the product is, that's irrelevant, I look at the data for the product group and that's how I make the decision of how to optimise.   Once of my campaigns currenlty has around 23k products and I haven't a clue what most of them are but I know which product groups are profitable and which ones are not, and that's what really matters.


I do use custom labels to subdivide so I can see what price range a product it in as that can help with optimisation. eg if we've spent £20 with no conversions on a £5 product I need to kill it, but if we've spent that on a £2000 product then it can run some more and collect more data.  Does that make sense?


If you do want to be able to see the names you can use tools like Optmyzr or PPC Samurai to build out your shoping campaigns with single product ad groups and use the product name for the ad group name. 


If you just need to which products are performing well for general info and product research you can always use the reports to see how products are performing.


Does that help at all?



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Hi J,


While this can get more complex depending on the number of items you have in your campaign, you can refer to the Products report in the Google Ads interface, however that would be for reporting purposes only and not necessarily an actionable data layer.


Custom filtering for Shopping campaigns would be your next best option but would likely require the use of a third-party platform or app.