Google Ads Remarketing Tag Twice on new 2.0 Theme

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Hi, just installed a 2.0 theme form the shopify store and I have two instances of Google Ads Remarketing Tag?


Screenshot (442).png

Also, if I recall from last time I installed a theme, by default Shopify is not set up for Dynamic remarketing?


Any help would be great

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Hello @Mark_Huggett,


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It's possible that the new 2.0 theme you installed has added a Google Ads Remarketing Tag to your Shopify store. However, it's unusual to have two instances of the tag unless it was intentionally added twice.

To check if the Google Ads Remarketing Tag is installed correctly on your store, you can use the Google Tag Assistant Chrome extension. This tool will show you all the tags that are installed on your website and their status.

Regarding dynamic remarketing, by default, Shopify doesn't have a built-in feature for dynamic remarketing. However, you can use third-party apps or services to implement dynamic remarketing on your store.

Alternatively, you can set up dynamic remarketing manually by creating a product feed with all your products and importing it into your Google Ads account. This will allow you to create dynamic remarketing campaigns that show personalized ads to your previous visitors with the products they've previously viewed.


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@flareAI Thanks for the reply, as you can see in the screenshot I already used tag assistant to check and confirm there are two tags