Google Ads Sales Strategy ?

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im using google ads search and shopping and im getting low clicks and impressions and 1-2 sales per day .

How can i boost it and increase sales ?

Do you know any strategy ? 

Thank you .

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Look at your impression share for the campaign and increase your bids if you see a number below 50%. Just keep in mind you may be in a niche that does not have a lot of traffic and thus you can not get more traffic. The other things you can do for Google Shopping is work on your Product Titles and make sure they reflect the products you sell. Google uses your Product Titles and your product's price to figure out when to show your product in search results. Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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Succeeding on Google Ads is not as simple as setting up a few campaigns. It's a tricky platform, and you'll find there are tons of competitors who are probably bidding for the same keywords you are targeting (and thus, you are getting few impressions and not a stellar performance).


Is your store If so, I see several problems with your strategy which I may help you solve.


For example, your most successful keyword is "hidow". SEM Rush estimates it drove 55 or so visitors to your site today, more than any other keyword. Your ad ranks second, and it's performing quite well. However, there are two very significant issues with it:

- 1) You are sending traffic to your homepage. When you create a product ad, and relate it to a product keyword, it is a best practice to send traffic straight to the product page, where the user can easily find the "buy"button. 

- 2) It would be great if you could include the keyword in the ad copy (preferrably in the title), this way, the ad will be more relevant to the audience, and they will likely click more. Now, I'd recommend you don't touch your current ad, as it is performing rather well, but do create one or more variations, and include the keyword in them if you can.


This also seems to be the case with other ads on your campaign. Overall, and for what I've seen from your campaign, I would recommend:


- Organize each product or category you wish to sell on an Ad Group

- Create more than one ad for each Ad Group (ideally it should be at least 3), and try different variations in the copy. Try including the keyword in the title.

- Have every ad point to a relevant landing page. That is, if you are promoting a specific product, send people to that product's page. If you are promoting a category (like Bikinis), send them to a page that lists your bikini offers, and so on..

- Be careful with some keywords you are targeting. "Buy Bikini", for example, is a super expensive keyword where you will find tons of competitors. Can you find a way to narrow it a bit? Like, finding more specific keywords? This way, you can avoid the competition, and still get results.

- Also, when you target brand names, you know you will be in disadvantage, because the brand will always beat you in terms of ad position, cost, and performance. In those case, I'd recommend you include an offer in the ads you place (which you are already doing in some cases). 

- What bidding strategy are you using? If you are using Target CPC, you may wish to change it for "Maximize Conversions", this way Google will show your ad to people who are most likely to convert. But you need some successful sales before that, so make sure to optimize your campaign first, and that should drive some results.


Let me know how it works!



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 hi , 

Thank you for your answer it helps a lot .

Im always landing directly to product page link nvm , i started a new shopping ads campaign for 1 product and i recieved 3 sales but i spent a lot of money on them when you calculate (profits - ads cost ) you find nothing or its 100% LOST .

Please if someone can help me with good strategy and not too mush budget .

Thank you .

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  • The first step in creating a viable Google AdS is creating A strategic plan to increase your budget.
  • Find out which Google advertising network offers the best for your business?
  • Then find the right keywords in Google Ads, which is no easy task.
  • The bigger your budget, the more advertising agencies you can develop and be noticed.
  • The ad page and the landing page are the two main components of Google AdS sales. Without them, your strategy will be incomplete.