Google Ads Violation of Shopping requirements

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OK this is driving me nuts. I have followed all the fields required by Google yet every varient of every product has "Disapproved: Violation of Shopping requirements". There is a link on the popup which takes me to this page

I have painstakenly gone through each "Required" item and checked to see if my product has that field populated with what Google wants. I cannot see any link or verbiage from Google or Shopify to tell me exactly what the "Violation" is. What am I missing?


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Hi Don,

The issue may not be related to your product, but to your actual website. Google have some guidelines regarding to the content that should be included in the website in order to approve your Google Shopping campaign.

You can read Google's Shopping website guidelines in the following article, and make sure you meet all guidelines by Google.


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For Google Shopping, it automatically creates the Merchant Center and product feed so you won't need to deal with it. Most of our accounts gets their Shopping campaign approved in 3-5 days.

Moreover, the app uses advanced techniquies using AI technology for allocating bids and budgets across your products, giving high priority to best sellers and always reviewing to find the new emerging products.

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Hope that helps!

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Thank you for the reply. I have been looking at AdScale prior to your reply and will decide soon if we add it. What is confusing to me is it looks like we are satisfying the requirement. Other than contact information being displayed in the footer we do have a link to a contact us in the footer menu. Do you think we must have it displayed directly or is a link satisfactory?

And how do I resubmit the page to Google? They do not make that obvious or am I blind?

PS: The links you provided went to https and would not open in Chrome. When I removed the https it would open properly.

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Hello @Don_VonderBurg,


Glad you asked this question, it would be easy for us to help you out if you will be able to share your Shop URL. If not comfortable here, can share in private!

Well, there are requirements, and best practices for landing pages linked from your Shopping ads which are recommended to be followed in order to not to violate any Google policy. Refer to this link to know about the requirements:


Also, there are some of the requirements for Shopping Campaigns too. Hope you have followed them well. Get them here:  


  • Do you have your privacy policy, shipping & refund policy on the store? They are a major requirement for getting approved on Google.

Besides, I would suggest you try the Google Express Integration app which could help you to easily manage your Google Merchant Center feed and enables you to surface your products across various Google platforms like Google Shopping, Google Search, Google Assistant, Google Express Marketplace, etc. This app is the best feed management tool which helps you to receive orders automatically from the marketplace and fetches them to your store to get them fulfilled. It eases the process of product management by the efficient handling of listings and near real-time updating, hence saves you from the manual efforts. It also integrates well with Shopify. 


Some Advanced benefits of Google Express Integration app-


  • Bulk upload of products
  • Auto sync of products and orders
  • Grow your ROI
  • Repricer feature 

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Hope it helps!

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Don't worry, I'm not going to try and sell you a feed app 😉


If you're sure all your attributes/feed fields are ok then it's more than likely something on your site as others have mentioned before.  The most common I've come across is lack of contact info.  A contact form isn't enough, it has to be either a phone number or visible email address.   


Other common ones are:

  • Not clearly showing your payment methods (think paypal logos at the bottom of the page)
  • No clear refund policy
  • Lack of terms & conditions
  • Privacy policy, particularly data collection if you're planning on doing remarketing.

Hopefully one of those will fix it, though you may have to call and ask the to manually review once fixed.


Good luck!



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