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Google Adwords Conversions Tracking as Organic in Shopify

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So, I have recently set up Adwords for and I am tracking conversions in Google Analytics, however the same conversions are tracking as Organic in Shopify. 

The conversion tracking is currently the automatic tracking that GA sets up with Adwords but I'm wondering if I need to remove this and instead add in the tracking for Shopify instead? If that is the case, then my second question is, if I do this, will these conversions still track in GA as PPC conversions? 

Apologies if this is a stupid question but I haven't worked with the Shopify platform before now so just trying to understand this.

Thank you!


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Hi Bethan,

There's no such thing as a stupid question - only stupid answers.

I guess that puts me in the limelight 🙂

Not sure I quite understand what you've already done - it sounds as if you have set up conversion tracking for AdWords by linking your GA/AdWords accounts which should work out of the box.

If it doesn't you might have to try UTM tagging manually, although I prefer Googles auto-tagging for a lot of reasons.

Worst case scenario - I'd install the AdWords tracking through Shopify natively, or through Google Tag Manager. That will definitely have the ads get tracked as PPC conversions in Analytics as well.

Hope this helps. 

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Thankyou for your reply! 

So youre right, I have already set up the out of the box tracking between Adwords and Analytics and they are working perfectly well with one another. The problem comes when I look at the sales in Shopify. 

The PPC sales that I see in Adwords and in analytics, are tracking as 'Organic' within Shopify, rather than as PPC sales. This is the bit I am rather lost on! 

But I think you are saying if I install through Shopify or GTM this could fix this issue but still have these sales track in GA as well? 

I would like to avoid UTM where possible!

Thank you 🙂 


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Before you take my advice and alter your conversion tracking I have one more question.

In addition to linking your accounts - have you imported your Analytics goals into your AdWords account?

Are the sales from AdWords being tracked in AdWords or just Analytics for the time being?

- Captain Tracking

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The sales are being tracked in both Adwords and in Google analytics with correct order values etc. 

The sales do appear in Shopify (when matching the transaction IDs) but they are attributed to Organic traffic not PPC 

Thank you for your help!

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I have the same problem where within:
Shopify->Order->Conversion Summary->Session Details

it shows the conversion coming from organic google search instead of PPC.  I know it is PPC as it is reported that way in GA.

And I see that Bing Ads conversion is showing correctly in Shopify.  


Have anyone else figured this out?



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We manage Google Ads for about 25 Shopify stores. We frequently see Shopify attributing orders to wrong traffic sources like you shared. So, it's a bug. In the many years of working with stores as a Shopify Expert, I have never depended on Shopify's analytics beyond customer lifetime value analysis. I find it inferior to a good Google Analytics setup. I think it's good though for someone with little understanding of analytics, which is most business owners.

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I agree with you Josh, Google Analytics is the best, or at least is far superior than Shopify Analytics. I have the opposite problem than the original question here. My sales (transactions) are coming through in Google Analytics; I'm also seeing my conversions (sales/transaction) in Google AdWords; as I have both account tracking codes set up in my Shopify admin. The problem I have is that Google Analytics is not registering any "cpc" or "ppc" medium sales. The ones from AdWords are having the GCLIDs or something stripped and they appear in Google Analytics under the "organic" medium. Could that be a bug within Shopify, only sending data to one of the sets of tracking code in my checkout settings? I am able to specifically drill down to these sales also via the time of day, user geo, and conv value/revenue amounts. I've been in eCommerce 10+ years and have never seen, please! (and thank you)

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I'm a +1 on this being a bug on my end too.

I find that when a user clicks a Google Ad to my Shopify site, it gets registered as follows:

  • Google Ads: CPC (obviously)
  • Google Analytics: CPC
  • Lucky Orange: CPC
  • Shopify: Organic

Not sure how to fix it, but it's kind of disappointing, because sometimes I'd like to be able to look at a particular customer and know how they found us (perhaps from a referral, an organic search where they might have searched for us by name, or else just from an ad).