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Google Adwords has stopped working!

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We launched our business about 3 months ago and had an SEO google person set up our google adword.

Our budget was $10 a day and previous that was generating about 10-20 google sales per day. We do it show up organically in google so the sales were definitely coming from the add. 

About a month ago we sold out of stock so we turned the add off. 

We reactivated the exact same add 3 days ago and have had the exact same clicks on it but only 1 google sale over the 3 days! 

How can so much change in 1 month with the exact same add and website? 

Please help 😕 

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No one can really comment on this or help you without having an in-depth understanding of your AdWords campaign.

Competition can affect the performance of your ad campaigns. For my AdWords clients, I've seen conversion code problems that had to be corrected. You need to look at the source of the clicks and their search queries (if it's a shopping or search campaign) to see what quality they are. Also test your checkout funnel for any issues.

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