Google AdWords is really confusing :-(

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Aside from the fact that the promised $100 AdWords credit did not work, I am really struggling to set up my campaign.  It's asking me for photos, headlines, etc.  I just want to put some key words so that my site comes up.  Also there's a big red angry banner telling me that Google Adwords can only be managed in the Google AdWords Express account.

None of this makes any sense to me.  Please can someone help as I desperately need to start making some money.

Thank you.

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Why not ask a google Adwords agent to help you deal with this issue? It is a little bit complicated for us to deal with it by ourself, I think.

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Yeah, maybe. Do you think they'd be expensive?

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With regards to the promotion, did you spend $25 within 30 days? As that is normally the promotion policy.

The reason you are being asked to add an image, is because you are using Search with Display, instead create a campaign that is just for Search. In the top right corner choose to go to Google Adwords, instead of using Google Express. Than follow the steps in Google's official doc's here :

Hope it helps
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Hi Samantha,

At least start by doing your Google AdWords certifications and reading Shopify's AdWords guide. If this is too much for you, I would not recommend running any campaigns as you're likely to just burn through money. I have 10 years managing AdWords campaign and still learn new things about it every month to improve performance.

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Hi Samantha,

Adwords can be very confusing at the beginning, if you need help with it, we are the perfect solution for you.

Our team will help you making your first campaigns (Display, Search, Remarketing, RLSA and DSA), we will also make your banners, provide you with a personal account manager, solve all your questions and making you learn about Adwords! All for free! 😉

Give our app a try, you won't regret!

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I understand your troubles. 

Adwords is very difficult to operate let alone launch a campaign. You can try certifying yourself but that will take you at least two weeks to completely understand. 

If you'd like to make money instantaneously you should use our free AI driven platform  It will help you create, launch, optimize and monitor your ads and campaigns across all online channels. We are available at Shopify's app store. 

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You said it, Samantha. We specialize in Adwords and still get confused sometimes!

But what matters is, your prodcuct is awesome. Great place to start. Makes me want to go to the beach!

The key for Adwords is testing. What's more, intergrating paid, SEO, email, social, etc.

Whatever you do, test every single day. From ad copy to creative to custom audiences, test it all!

Test everything! It's critical to growth. You have to in order to figure out what works! A few of our account managers who run campaigns explore this in great detail on our blog, thought you might find this article valuable:

Deep Dive On How to Grow Profitable Client Relationships

Hope that helps. Good luck to ya!

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