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google adwords or facebook ads worth it?

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My sales figures are still ABMYSSAL and I need to improve them.

I do sell herb plants, some of them are not really availabel in Australia or there are two or three other sellers at most.

I sell to Australia only. I do consider to test run either google adwords or facebook ads.

My prime target audiece is herbalists or people interested in herbalim in Australia (but not TAS NT or WA)

My second target audience are people around Canberra (high salary and similar climate)

What do you think is better for a highly targeted audience? How much would I have to spend to get more sales?

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Hey there!

I would recommend allocating a small budget to test your target markets - to see if you have them correct. You could try a few ads aimed at different target audiences, to see which is the most effective. Then, once you know your target audiences and messages are working, you could increase the budget and get the campaign going. Then you know you are spending your money on the most effective audience/channel.

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“If you really had to sell to survive, you would realize that the most under price ad product in the world right now is Facebook advertising.

If you had to sell something, to stay alive, to feed your children, you would put your money there.”

— Gary Vaynerchuk

It doesn't take much to get started using Facebook ads. I recommend putting $10-15 behind each target audience for testing. 

If you are not seeing any results from those initial dollars, kill off that audience and re-allocate your budget to a different target audience. If you continue to test your options, results will come in no time.

After you know what works, it’s easy to scale up your campaign.

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You mean $ 10-15 per day?

There is another thing which drives or not drives my sales at least at markets the weather is THE determinig factor. Nice weather, great sales too hot too cold too windy  crappy sales. I don't know how the weather thing affects internet sales maybe it does.

What I read so far is that google adverts is more tageted than facebook. How about starting with google adverts and target just one or some few plants?