Google Analytics and Adsense when having your Domain on a third party and redirected to the Shopify Store

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I have one store at shopify with the initial name of     (1) (or very similar), 

I have also a domain at a third party hosting  named  (2)     which is redirected to the  Shopify Store adress, so that when you get finally get to the shopify store, what shows is  (3)

My question is following .

When trying to configure Google analytics, and also Google AdSense which is the right Website adress to introduce  1, 2 or 3 ?


Joe L.


Google Ad Sense  Sign Up

Your website

URL of your site     ????????????

URL is required

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additional note: Ref. Google adsense the fact is that I want to register to Google Ads Manager in order to drive traffic to my web, but they require first to be registered in Google Adsense