Google Analytics conversion tracking dropped off

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Our store has all of a sudden dropped off all event conversion tracking as of the 8/9th of Feb (i.e add to cart events and checkout completed are not being pushed into GA, page views appear to be working as normal). We have checked everything on the Shopify settings side and not only has this not been touch but also seems to be in working order with all UA ids matching up and enhance e-commerce is enabled (assuming this is what Shopify needs to enable tracking events in GA such as add to cart and cart completion).

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I have also tried using the google analytics debugger tool and this again does not show any events for add to cart. Is there something we can do to get this back up and running again as Shopify analytics show sales but GA shows none?

Anyone have any ideas on what to do to fix these issues or other things to check?

Thanks in advance


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Hi, appreciate you post is really old but I'm encountering the same issue with my client's Shopify site so was wondering if you ever found a solution/answer for fixing it? Any help would be much appreciated!

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Same issue here.