Google analytics ecommerce order tracking not working after customizing Dawn theme

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Hi There,


I am tracking google analytics sales performance to check total orders and I have found that some of the orders are not tracked in GA but they are actually there in shopify order listing?


Is there anyone who had face same issue and have any solution or suggestions how I can check about the issue.


Thanks in Advance!

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Hi @bhumip

Great question!

Discrepancies between different analytics tools are commonplace and expected. We even have a dedicated guide called Discrepancies between Shopify and other software.


So when it comes to trying to get a sense of your customer's behavior in order to generate more conversions, you will need to cross-reference both tools to get a fuller picture of what's happening.

In fact, you may find our blog post How To Understand Marketing Analytics For Your Ecommerce Store helpful. And in order to optimize your store for the best results check out our blog post on Conversion Rate Optimization.


I hope this helps!

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