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Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Does Not Record Product List Views

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So I put my Google Analytics code and ticked enhanced e-commerce in Shopify and GA and now it records events, page views, but when I go to the e-commerce section then product list performance GA only records that was added to cart and it does not record the product that has been viewed/clicked Screenshot (19).png

As you can see the "Product List Views" and "Product List Clicks" are zeros 

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Dear kadiemHQ,


When did you active this? Try to take long date range to view data.

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Screenshot (20).png


this is one is 27 days old and still zero.

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There might be something wrong with the settings. You can try testing with the "Real-time" report. Just open the page and check the realtime report, if you see a report of the page you are viewing, then the code is working properly.

If not, then you might need to check your settings. Check out this tutorial about how to connect Google Analytics with your store, make sure you follow all the steps correctly. 

If you find it helpful, please let me know by giving it a like or marking it as a solution.

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Real-time tracking does work, I can see events and content.

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I'm having the same problem. Is there anything I still need to setup? How do you show the product list views and list clicks?

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Shopify's native GA setup is not designed to give you the Product List Performance report. You'll either need custom work done or you can use the LittleData app.

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Is there any tutorial on how to do this "custom work" for Shopify?

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Just bumping this discussion up. I'm having the same problem. And, I don't really get the relationship between Shopify and GA. What data is Shopify sending to GA? How do I see that? And, how can I create separate product lists..? 

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Default GA integration collects only this EE data:

(this.viewedProduct = this.viewedProductEnhanced), 
(this.addedProduct = this.addedProductEnhanced), 
(this.startedOrder = this.startedOrderEnhanced), 
(this.completedOrder = this.completedOrderEnhanced);

It does not collect any information about product impressions or any additional data. If you need more data you should setup your custom solution. That may be an app or a custom GA tracker (Gtag or GTM).

For those who want to get more details about default GA integration I suggest to checkout my recent article (link in the profile). It explains what data is being collected when we use default GA integration and points out some limitations of this solution. At the moment I'm preparing a new article that explains how we can add custom metrics to default integration. I do my best to publish it asap.