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We are migrating from traditional e-commerce tracking on GA to the new "Enhanced Ecommerce" tracking.
Google's documentation ( states that "The Enhanced Ecommerce plug-in should not be used alongside the Ecommerce (ecommerce.js) plug-in for the same property."
According to, the standard Ecommerce calls are made automatically during checkout. 

To fulfill the requirements, we'd like to disable those automatic calls made by the shopify platform. Has anybody been able to do this?

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+1 for making enhanced ecommrce tracking better. I'm sure any store owner wants to view they're Product List Performance report on GA, which currently doesnt work at all.

I love Shopify, so please fix it and make us love you even more.

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Hey gang,

I came up for a workaround in Google Analytics to get accurate product reporting. You can find the implementation here:

I hope this is helpful!



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I'm surprised this still hasn't been resolved by Shopify as of September 2019. in the EE: product detail-eventProduct title still contains variant information when being sent as has been reported by multiple users in the last couple of years. Other stuff like EE product list and EE Checkout steps seem hard to impossible to implement at the moment.


When will you address this, Shopify?

Henric Malmberg
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