Google Analytics Help Needed - Purchase Events not tracking

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After migration my purchase events are no longer reporting and I don't know why or how to fix it.

It is my understanding purchase events were "standard" and would migrate automatically. In the screenshot you can see the purchase event is not toggled on. I can't figure out where to toggle it back on - the 3 dot menu to the right gives the option of changing counting method or setting default conversion value but not toggling it on/off. I am not a coding wiz and would really appreciate help. TIA.


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There could be various reasons why the purchase event needs to appear in GA4. Let's explore some possible reasons and solutions:

  1. Implementation Errors: Double-check the implementation of your GA4 tracking code on the purchase confirmation page. Make sure the code is correctly placed and firing at the right time when a purchase is completed.

  2. Debugging: You can use the Google Analytics Debugger extension for Google Chrome or the GA Debugger for Firefox to check for any errors or warnings related to your GA4 implementation. This will help you identify any issues preventing the purchase event from being sent to GA4.

  3. Event Parameters: Ensure the purchase event is sent with the appropriate parameters, such as event name, currency, value, and other relevant details. GA4 requires specific parameters to be sent along with the event to record it correctly.

  4. Filters and Data Settings: Review your GA4 view settings, filters, and data stream configuration. The purchase event data may be excluded or filtered out inadvertently.

  5. Delay in Data Processing: Sometimes, there may be a delay in data processing in GA4. Events may take some time to appear in your reports, especially during periods of high traffic.

  6. Real-time Reports: Check the real-time reports in GA4 to see if the purchase event is being recorded when you make a test purchase. It might indicate a processing delay if it appears in real-time reports but not in regular reports.

  7. Data Import Issues: If importing data into GA4, ensure the import process works correctly and the data is appropriately mapped to the purchase event.

  8. Consent and Privacy Settings: If you have implemented consent or privacy settings on your website, they may affect the tracking of certain events.

  9. Changes in the GA4 Interface: Google Analytics continuously evolves, and the interface or settings might have changed since my last update. Ensure you are using the latest version of GA4 and familiarize yourself with any new changes or updates.

Suppose you've gone through these steps and cannot track the purchase event. In that case, seek help from the Google Analytics community forums or Google support, or consult a web analytics expert who can review your specific implementation and provide guidance.


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Hello, Eleanor! 
I have recorded a video to help you troubleshoot your Shopify GA4 integration step-by-step. In this way, you can understand where the problem is. Please check it out and let me know if that helped (or have any follow-up questions)

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