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Hi Guys

We have an old website (not Shopify) on our existing domain which already has Google Anayltics integrated.

We have created a new Shopify store which will replace the old website on the existing domain (the new Shopify store is still on the Shopify domain, until we launch).

My question is, what is the best way to integrate Google Anayltics on the new Shopify store which will eventually have the old domain. I am conscious that there will be inaccurate data from the old website.

Should we set up Google Analytics when the Shopify store is using the Shopify domain in dev mode, or should we wait until the new Shopify store is launched on the exhisting domain.

Thanks for any help!

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Go to your Shopify admin and login. Go to Preferences > Online Shop. Select the Use Enhanced Ecommerce checkbox in the Google Analytics section. If you're using an older version of Google Analytics, you will need to upgrade to the most recent version before checking the Use Enhanced Ecommerce box.

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@jamescox1981 You want to keep the same property. This means the same tracking ID. That way historical data is retained. Then it's up to you as to how you work with the view level. The views themselves combined with filters gives you flexibility. I have always advocated having a "default" view with no filters that contains all your historical data. Then you could have a view dedicated just for this new store by using a filter to isolate the hostname.

I think a bad thing you can do is start a fresh property when you go live. If something wrong happens, historical analysis becomes difficult.

You can create IP filters of devs (ideally they have static IPs) to remove their traffic when working on the website. That should be done anyway. Read this guide for more help.

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