Google Analytics is now counting 1 order multiple times.

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Hey all,


The title basically explains what's happening. Yesterday someone ordered $250 worth of products. Today I have had 0 sales on Shopify but $500 in sales in my UA account. I can see that the customer went to the /checkout/thank_you page twice today.


A little background: I tried to switch over to GA4 recently (horrible idea, it doesn't work for me at all). Now my UA data is all out of whack and I can't seem to figure out how to get it back in line. When trying to switch to GA4 I also tried switching over to GTM (also a horrible idea). I'm not sure what I'm doing with all of this so no wonder I'm in the boat I'm in now.


Any help in trying to get things sorted out will be much appreciated. 





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Hello @TammiElbert,

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Yes, it’s possible to have the same order tracked multiple times if the client re-loads the order-confirmation page.


With each page reload, ecommerce data will be sent to GA. Within a single session, GA will filter out all duplicates. But if the user revisits the order confirmation in a different session, the transaction data will be again sent to GA and hence duplicate record will be created.


You can avoid this duplications by taking the below actions:


> Make sure use cannot access the order confirmation page more than once without placing a new order
> Make sure the GA tracking code is not executed when the order confirmation page is reloaded or refreshed.

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Hey @TammiElbert ,


Shopify Customer Events seem a react to GA4, but currently, there is no announcement from Shopify that it now integrates with GA4.  If your target is purchase tracking and attribution, you may consider Attribuly, this app is (maybe) first Shopify customer events integration to makes sure you get highest accurate conversion tracking in maket.  


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