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Google Analytics - Measuring Product Impressions

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I'd like to implement product impressions tracking in Google Analytics enhanced ecommerce (, but shopify fires a GA pageview event in the header, before any collection products load.  

Does anybody have experience setting up product impression tracking in GA? Is there a simple way to set it up within the default Shopify admin?

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Hi Kenny,

I've done a custom setup for product impressions that you're after. However, it's limited because a variety of events like add to carts and purchases are pushed under the (not set) value from in-built events done by Shopify. There is no simple way as it needs to be coded in the theme. Two alternatives is you take the expensive route and get a custom setup. Another is using the LittleData app, which will do what you're after in the simplest way.

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If you're looking for product impressions you may also like Hype the Like. It's pretty simple, it just installs a Tinder-like widget on your website and your users like or dislike your product catalog. Then you get the stats back, and voila, you can start to learn what your best products are before you sell them.


Check it out here: (2).gif