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Through a subdomain configuration we have our Squarespace website and our SF shop integrated with Google Analytics.

20% to 30% of the transactions are not being registered in Google Analytics.

The odd thing, Google Organic and Google Ads generated transactions are all fine. It's the Social and Social UTM/Campaign (facebook/cpv) transactions which are most of the time not being registered in Google Analytics

In SF the right source in the Conversion Summary is shown so for sure SF has all the right data stored. It's simply not coming through to GA.

We tried many things already:

  • Standard GA integration
  • GTM integration
  • Putting the GA code tag directly in the code

But non if it lead to the solution.

Does anyone has an idea what's going on here and what the solution could be?

A print screen from GA showing a number of Transaction IDs missing:


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Check if  the GA snippet was implemented correctly (in the correct place of you code). It can cause your problems. Check with Google tag assistant 

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