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Google analytics has not been working correctly on our store since setup in December 2020, i have re installed multiple times to try fix the issue but doesnt seem to be working. Code was added through Online Store - Preferences, but wasnt working at all, i then added the code manually myself in the Theme.Liquid but this wasn't tracking e-commerce data. I have since deleted from the theme.liquid and re added in the Online Store - Preferences but now Google tag assistant isnt tracking the Google Anlytics code at all, and website traffic is not working on google analytics.


Could someone please point me in the direction for someone to help please and take a look at my store.


Many thanks,

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I have the same problem. Analytics works well, but not when I check "enhanced ecommerce".

Did you find any solution?


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Hi @Wellnessbymanue,

it looks like there's a problem already from the set-up. 

When you reinstall the code and then go to your analytics, do you see the traffic in the realtime dashboard? How about filters? Aren't you using any filters which might block the traffic from being showed in the reports? If you can't see the traffic in the realtime report, it seems to me that the manual code might be incorrect. I would double check it. 

I've just visited your website and used the Chrome Tag extension, which says that GA was implemented with non-standard implementation. The problem is usually that Google can't find the code snippet on the site. 

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Tracking e-commerce data – have you turned on the ecommerce tracking (adding the code manually to the file isn't enough). Check this article from Shopify:

Otherwise, it's hard to say where the problem might be without having access to the store nor GA. 

I hope some of these tips will help!



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