Google displaying my homepage instead of collection page?

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Hey everyone,
I am trying to work out why my homepage is appearing in SERP rather than my collections page.
Example: we sell furniture and homeware, we have collection that is for industrial furniture, in SERP if you search for “industrial furniture” we appear but for our homepage, as the collection page is more specific and has more content around the subject I would have thought google would use that, any ways I can try and manipulate it?
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Stuart, what is the website of your store and in what country do you sell? Knowing these two things is required in order to look at what's going on so suggestions can be given. Yes, it can be "manipulated".

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Hi Josh, my website is and we sell only in the Uk.

Thanks, Stuart
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When the google bot analyzes your website, the first page of the analytics bot is then the new home page to the collections, while the homepage has the keyword bot that will be used first.

If you want google to display the collection page you choose to push this page by way of SEO, running Adword ... after google index will choose the collection page instead of the homepage in SERP