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Hey guys, wanting to get a little feedback on a situation I have going on here. I started my store about a month and a half ago, I have generated about $3k in sales so far, and started with about $100 for ads, etc...

I have gotten set up with a supplier here in the US to accommodate for fast shipping times, as well as an even bigger catalog that you won’t find on Aliexpress. I have gotten a few sales on FB ads since I’ve started, nothing crazy, but a few. Google ads is what I’ve been trying to hit hard with because it can’t help but to be extremely targeted because it’s what people are searching for. I have a campaign running right now on google ads, has around 1200 clicks and I’ve spent about $140, and 6 conversions. Conv. Value is about $750. Now don’t get me wrong, I am profiting a little bit here, but here’s the weird part.

For about 3 days in a row last week I was getting 1 order a day between 8:30-8:35am. The past 2 days I’ve gotten one per day between 12:30-12:35am. I’m not sure if this is just a coincidence or what but it’s very weird to me how at the beginning of the day one of the first visitors purchases and then I have 300 more visitors that day and no more conversions.... If someone would like to take a look at my store and maybe tell me something I’m doing wrong that would be great, because 1200 clicks should be bringing more than 6 conversions on google ads, am I right? It’s a great campaign and I believe it’s between 10-12 cents per click so you can’t complain there. Any feedback would be appreciated, sorry I wrote a book lol.
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Is your budget distributed throughout the day, do you get clicks at all hours or is your budget used up at the time you get the orders?

If you set a daily budget of $100 that budget will be used up as fast as it can by Google during the day, they don’t really have a system for distributing it during the day, and it might just be that you get a conversion before the budget is used up.


If that is not the case, I think it might be coincidence.


6 conversions in 1200 visitors is quite few, if you want to try it out we have an app that automates both Google Ads & Google Shopping. We create Ads, publish feeds, translate into native language and have an AI optimization based on probability. It’s 30-days free trial so you can see the results before you have to pay. (


If you want to continue to do it yourself, I would recommend that you focus on analysing where you are getting those conversions. Are there common things you can find that drives a conversion, and if so, can you raise the bid for those things? Paying 6-cents / click isn’t necessary better than paying 30-cents / click if you get more conversions for your ad-spend.


Start with the simplest

  • What keywords are converting?
  • If you have broad matches, what are the search phrases, and can you add them to your campaign
  • What are the demographics?
    • Is there any age group that is performing better than others?
    • How is the difference between genders?
  • Locations (especially if you are running your campaigns in many countries)
  • Audiences
    • It might be worth paying more for a visitor if they have already visited your site one time. How many sessions to purchase do you usually have if you look in Google Analytics. Raise the bids for the second/third session accordingly


Best of luck


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Your data sample is to small to make any judgement calls on what is going on. Getting sales is good and if this is Google Shopping, then the CPCs sound good. You need to run your ads longer and get more sales before you know anything. Otherwise, you are just making guesses and assuming to much.

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