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Google Feed w/Special Promotions - Need Help

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My store is up and running and doing OK.  (every store can always be doing better)  Sales are dribbling in, I have my products fed to google PLA and a search or two running.

I cannot for the life of me figure out though how to utilize the "Special Promotions" for any of my products which is a problem.

I have a 20% off coupon for my store that can be used on most products...  not all...

So when a customer sees my product listing in google shopping, it shows the price before the 20% discount that can be applied.   My competition is in those same listings, except next to theirs they have "Special Offer" and when you click on it... says "Save 20% - use code XXXX at checkout" and other things along those lines.  So even though my product is listed at the same price as the competition, having that special offer next to their listing obviously increases the chance customers will shop with them.

I looked everywhere I could.... shopify seems to not have this as an option to set up using the google shopping channel.

I saw a couple of apps that claim you can do it using their apps, but it becomes pretty costly considering I have over 2k products.

I don't know how to build a feed manually as I'm guessing that is how it's done.  Even if I do figure out how to build the feed manually.... that takes the ease of automation out of things.  (ie. updates to inventory, new products added, old ones removed etc....)

Does anyone know any way to take the automated feed shopify sends to google and modify it to include special promotions on certain products - NOT all products

Or if my thinking is wrong and I should be going about this a different way.

Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Hi Lyle,

I think I have a solution for your issue. Ad Builder automates the creation of Google Shopping & Search campaigns and enhances your ads with sitelinks, structured snippets and promotion extensions, using values from your website.

The key features Ad Builder delivers:

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I hope you find our Ad Builder useful.