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Google indexing translated pages

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Hi everyone,


I use Langify for page translations which works great.

The issue is that the translated pages URLs are created before I've done the translations. So I'll have a /es URL that is expecting a Spanish translation, but it may take me a few days or more to get to the translations.

In the meantime Google is indexing my pages, and finds the different canonical versions of that URL, and assumes it's an error and the multiple versions shouldn't be indexed, because they have the same content.


Eventually I'll get to the translation, but Google does not automatically update the reindexing. 


I know I can manually push indexing, but this happens for all my product pages, and I create dozens of new products, I don't want to have to go in Google Search Console and push all those URLs in 3 different languages to get indexed properly.


What alternatives do I have, what is the best workflow for this not to happen?


Thank you,

The Sea Collective

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Hi there,

any updates? I'm currently trying to figure out how to use a sitemap or hreflang tags to facilitate the search engine crawlers’ job. I have multiple stores, each has it's unique language and currency.


Thanks, Tom

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when you are working on translated page, make sure the already created page (translated) is marked as no index no follow!

Do the same for all!

And once when you are good to go, remove it and also you can declare canonical for that page manually. So, you can give canonical values to those pages before google do it by self.

It's not detailed one but I am sure you will get my point and I hope this work for you!

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