Google isn’t indexing my products

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Hi just readded site map to google search console and it registered product pages, but in the products section it only lists nothing.  There are 27 warnings but zero products.  The warnings are older before the site map.  I just installed dawn the new theme.  And the site was shut down from April to July.  I turned it back on and must have forgotten to update the site map.  Is it just a matter of waiting since I reloaded a site map only yesterday? Or is this some kind of canonical error?

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Google takes week, months and then some to index.   check back in a month or two. 

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Hi @Cindy_Boyd,

if the site was shut down, Google can still think that it’s still shut down. Even if you upload the sitemap, it can take days, weeks for Google to index the pages. There are tons of new pages every day, so it just takes some time.

To speed the process up, you can request indexing for the specific pages. But still, it will take some time.

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