Google Merchant Account Suspended Due To: Website Needs Improvement

Google Merchant Account Suspended Due To: Website Needs Improvement

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My account was suddenly suspended in Google Merchant Center back at the end of October for the reason "Website Needs Improvement."  I have had several re-reviews since then, all coming up unsuccessful. I have clicked every link I possibly can on my site and fixed anything that came up "broken." I am using an app to capture & log hits to a broken link hit. I don't have any placeholders or template text on my site. I have complete contact info, shipping info, refund info, etc all posted on my website. Visible on every page. All my product descriptions match the product they are for.  My About Us page is specific to my business.  I have received a couple orders here & there, so I know checkout is working.  I even completely changed my theme from Dawn to Studio, hoping that would do the trick, but still no luck. Google tech support is completely unhelpful and only resend me the same scripted response every time I reach out for their help.  What else could possibly cause this issue?  This has been super frustrating because I had JUST started getting sales through people finding me through Google when they suddenly suspended my account.

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Have a look here:


It should help you with the basics.

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