Google Merchant Account Suspended

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I recently connected google shopping (shopify) app to my store, but never actually published my products due to a suspension. 

Here is the email from Google:

Omission of relevant information:

Failure to clearly and conspicuously disclose the payment methods and full expense that a user will bear before and after purchase, and disclose all related conditions before and after purchase, such as contact information, shipping information or payment methods. For more details, please visit

Suggestions to fix this issue:

Make sure to provide users with your contact information such as email address or phone number. Please note that a contact form does not suffice. Also, make sure that your site lists all available payment methods accepted, prior to a user starting the checkout process.


I am not sure what information needs to be added to my site and where. Anyone can help?


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Hi Marcus,

There are a ton of reasons why Google would suspend your account.

But don't worry, once you fix them, you can re-apply and get going with Google Merchant Center once again.

Just had a look at your site and you do seems to have solid contact info in place. It could be a case of Google just not recognizing it.

But before you ask to be re-evaluated, I'd have a look at this post to make sure you've done the necessary tweaks to your feed and store.

It will help you avoid getting your products disapproved or products suspended again.

Good luck! - no-fluff ecommerce marketing advice
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Thanks for the helpful comments. As you pointed out, Google can be tricky. 

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Hi Marcus,

Google want to have at least two of a phone number, email address, and postal address on your contact page. The web form does not count as a mode of contact. You have your address in the footer, but it may have been overlooked by the manual review. I'm betting that's what happened.

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Thanks for your comment. Google support person was telling me that i needed all three. I had a google partner reach out to them since i did have 2 of the three. My account is not suspended now. Thanks. 

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I no longer pay attention to the google suspended warnings because google is constantly suspending me for one reason or another and when I call I am directed to Google Ad sales and those men immediately start demanding my credit card to 'resolve' the problem. I believe it's a sales gimmick by google. They use the term 'suspended' which is only suppose to be used when you violate one of their provisions but I get that notification when I'm simply not using the account ot buying ads.

Today I saw another notification from google that one product on my site will not be shown because the site isn't 'claimed'. I've claimed my site already and google knows this. This is why my other products dont have this notification. It's only on one product.

I wont call Google anymore to be hounded and harassed for my credit card. I will call shopify to let them know what Google is doing.