Google Merchant Center Account Has Been Suspended

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Hi I have an eCommerce Shopify store and I connected Google Merchant Center on my Shopify store.

I Receive this email from Google What does this mean and how to fix it?


Your Merchant Center account is in violation of the following policies: 

Insufficient contact information


Insufficient Contact Info:

Failure to provide users with sufficient and accurate contact information before they start the checkout.

For more details, please visit 


Suggestions to fix this issue:

Make sure your site provides users with at least two of the following types of contact information: physical business address, phone number or email. Please note that a contact form does not suffice.

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If this is not a warning email, then you have not provide contact information on your site as Google as asked. You need to have at 2 of the following 3 pieces of contact information: physical business address, phone number or email. If you are going to use Google Shopping ads, then you need to have contact information as it mentions in the Google email. Your best bet is to call up Google support and talk with the team:


Call us at: +1-866-246-6453
Monday - Friday: 9 am - 8 pm EST


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