Google Merchant Center account suspended - user cannot purchase & misrepresentation

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Trying to do google shopping ads for our store and the merchant account keeps getting suspended for the below.
1. user cannot purchase.
2. Misrepresentation.

At first I thought the user cannot purchase was due to a GEO blocking app. This was removed and still suspended. However there is a cozy antitheft app still installed to prevent copying of pictures etc.. Thinking to remove this next?
Secondly, the user cannot purchase email message states to make sure there is a buy now button. The dynamic button is there, however sometimes it shows buy now and other times it shows buy with amazon or paypal as options, instead of just "buy now" all the time. I understand this to be a setting that if using third parties it will rotate between the options. Unable to find a way to still offer paypal and amazon but only show the "buy now" option only.

As for misrepresentation, this can be a lot of different things but we have policies for each item and am thinking the wording of the products may be the issue but again, there so many things it could be and my mind is blank on what else it could be.

Looking for assistance for a review of our page please to try and pinpoint where this is coming from. We use the feed for google shopping app and have sync the products directly without changes to keywords or anything.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or potential changes.

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