Google Merchant Center error - Partial nudity in personalized advertising

Google Merchant Center error - Partial nudity in personalized advertising

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Hi guys, for some odd reason, I keep having my products flagged in the Google Merchant Center for really stupid reasons. Somehow their system keeps flagging my products because I have tshirts where the woman is showing her two arms. I mean it's a t-shirt. As I have quite a few t-shirts and multiple variants of people in t-shirts, I have to keep going over these products one by one to request reviews.  I suppose I could change my images to just show a t-shirt without the model but I wanted to jazz up my products a bit. Do any of you have the same issue?

I also tried to ask for help but somehow the people that I contact have limited access to look into my problem and so they forward it off to another team and I won't hear anything else. It's quite frustrating.


I attatched a sample of a product that I have so you can see how silly this problem is. 
Thanks in advance for your help.



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Make sure the background is solid white.

The model itself is not nudity, so most likely its a false positive. You should be able to request a review after you have fixed the background by going to Google Merchant Center > products > all products > click on your product > request review (center of the page)

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