Google Merchant Error - Missing value for shipping rate [shipping weight]

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We've been using Google Merchant without (too many) issues for the last 9 months or so until the other day when about 10 of our products were disapproved with the error: Missing value for shipping rate [shipping weight].


We haven't changed a thing for these products and have been selling them fine until now. All shipping weights and values are in Shopify.


I've read other boards that say Web Crawler should not be used and that we should update our structured data. Is that what is recommended here and what would happen if we turned off crawl?


Our theme is Pipeline.


Thank you



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Hey @thevoyagehome 


Adding the shipping information into your structured data is really difficult mainly because it's not available in Shopify.

The best thing to do is to ensure you have the unique product identifiers in your structured data (e.g. GTIN - called barcode in Shopify, MPN and Brand) so that Merchant Center can validate the product feed with your structured data and what's visually on the page. Merchant Center will then use whatever your shipping information is in Merchant Center to populate the shipping and returns information into Rich Results.


If you haven't set up the shipping information in Merchant Center, here are their docs, or see if you can automatically pull it from Shopify.

If you have unique product identifier fields in your structured data already, there's another issue going on. If not, you can install an app like JSON-LD for SEO that will include the unique product identifiers in the structured data so that your data connect with Merchant Center.


This article explains it a bit more in detail:


If you're not sure, I'd be happy to do a free structured data audit for your store. Feel free to email me at 

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If you are using a web crawler, it uses structured data to pull in data. The new attribute offershippingdetails can be used.


However, I do not recommend using the webcrawler, it's slow it takes weeks for Google to update. I recommend using a app, the one I use for my clients is:

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Hello @thevoyagehome,


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There could be several reasons why you are receiving the error "Missing value for shipping rate [shipping weight]" in your Google Merchant Center account despite having entered all the shipping weights and values in Shopify.

Make sure that the shipping weight values in Shopify are in the correct format and units of measurement. For example, Google Merchant Center requires shipping weights to be in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lb).

Ensure that all the product data in your Google Merchant Center account matches the data in your Shopify store, including shipping weights and values.

In regards to turning off crawl, I would not recommend doing so as it can affect your search engine visibility and overall SEO. Additionally, it is unlikely to resolve the issue with your Google Merchant Center account.


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