Google Merchant error "Missing sub-attribute [country (sub-attribute of [shipping])]"

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I'm getting this error on about 98% of my listings in Google Merchant.

"Missing sub-attribute [country (sub-attribute of [shipping])]"

I've googled endlessly and still can't figure out how to resolve it. I can't even tell if this is something I need to fix on shopify's side or in google merchant with a rule.

I also can't figure out how to see which listings the error is NOT on...thinking that might give me some clue as well. 

Any help would be appreciated because I'm completely lost on this one.


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Hey all,


I recently ran into this issue and decided to put a blog post together that walks you through the solution by creating a feed rule in your Google Merchant Center account. If you'd like, you can find out how to fix the sub-attribute [country (sub-attribute of [shipping])] issue here:

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Hey there, I know I'm coming in way late on this but I may have found an easy solution. I had 38 products not approved because of the missing country sub attribute. Implementing the following fix immediately made them approved. Just go to the YouTube video link below and this guys walks you through the simple fix. He shows you how to easily add a rule that sets the country as US if it is not submitted by your Shopify content API.


He offers two methods. Skip to 2:33 for the method that worked for me.