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I used Shopify's Google Sales Channel to create our Merchant Center Shopping Feed, and have products successfully approved by Google. In all products except 1, the image in the feed created by Shopify is our second image, not our primary thumbnail (first) image which has the white background.  It's odd that in one of the products, the feed is submitting the first photo. Any idea why this is happening and how to correct it?

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That is indeed strange, what is possible if its a variant, and you assigned the variant an image, it should take the variant image instead of the main image.

If this is not the case, consider contacting Shopify support directly.

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This you should contact shopify support, they will help you solve this variation

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Yes, that is exactly what it was.  Since Shopping Feed is created for each variant, it will use the picture you have assigned at the Variant level.  We only have 1 variant per product at this time, so I did not even notice. Once I changed the Variant image to our main image, it updated the feed.  Thanks!

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I have a somewhat similar issue.

I have products with multiple variants (differing for their color), and Google Merchant does pick up the right main image for each variant, as I select each one of them for each variant as the main variant image on the Shopify Products Page.

However when it comes to additional variant images, even though each variant has its own correct main image on Google Merchant, it then shows the images of the product (not variant) starting from the second one.


I mean, for example, on Shopify one of my products has 16 images, 8 for each of the two color variants.

On Google merchant, Variant 1 has the following shopify product images: #1 (the main image of variant 1), #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #9, #10 -> so it correctly skips image #8 as it is the main variant 2 image, but then it also shows images #9 and #10, that actually belong to variant 2 (so that's an issues)

Variant 2 on Google Merchant has the following shopify product images: #8 (the main variant 2 image, so that's good), #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #9, #10 -> so here it's even worse, as after showing the right main image, all other additional images from #2 to #7 actually belong to variant 1. It should show instead, product images #9 through #16.

It's as if Google Merchant Center didn't "know" that the additional variant images (#2 through #7, and #9 through #16) belong to different variants. 

In Shopify I can only see the option to select the main image for each variant, but I don't see any option to select additional images for each variant.

I guess this should be solved by creating a supplementary feed of some sort. I could do that manually, maybe creating a spreadsheet where I manually put every additional image link for each variant. However I have quite a few products and variants, and images may change overtime, so it would be very time consuming doing that.

Do you have any suggestion on how to solve this issue, possibly by creating an automatic supplementary feed through a custom xml collection, or maybe creating a rule in Google Merchant that picks images based on SKU (as each variant has its own SKU)?

Thank you