Google meta description is different what I write

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Hi everyone 

I see it’s a problem with lot people now. 
But I still can’t find answers how can I sort it out my one.

Google crawled my page, and after reindexing the meta description is different what I wrote before.

I found answers here why, it’s up to Google.

But the meta description is a part of the product description now.

Any chance to change this?

Thanks for all replies 

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You are right, it's up to google algorithm to show the meta description (sometimes not perfect).
Try going to the Google Seach Console and submit that specific page to be reindexed, and give a few days (maybe even weeks).

If the website is new, you might find some inconsistencies in search results for some time.

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I like to write them too, I find it gets better CTR if you can create one that Google actually uses. Algorithmic replacement happens roughly 6/10 times now, it's just how the search results work, get used to it. 

The implication of a replacement is that Googles algorithm doesn't 'think' your current meta desc is accurate for the current query, and/or is too long. You could try and re-write it to more accurately match the page content, see how you go. Also the Shopify meta desc field length (320char) is not correct. Do some research on "meta desc pixel width 2021" and you'll see what I mean.

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I will try everything.

We’ll see how is going.

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Hi @Csoves85,

I'm also struggling with this issues. Even requesting for recrawling the page hasn't helped. You can also try including the content you use on the specific page (such as what you have in your H1, H2, brand, primary keywords) so that it reflects better what's on the page. However, it's very sad that we don't have any control over what meta descriptions are displayed along our brand. 

Send me a link to your store to and I'll help you out.
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Hi, Generally, it's best to write meta descriptions separate from the content on the page, as the description should give an overview of the page's content and entice users to click. It's not totally necessary, though, and sometimes a snippet of the on-page text works fine for a description. 

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I tried everything what you adviced me. 
I could change only the meta description title.

Has anybody luck with it since the first post?