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I am having trouble with the meta descriptions on Google correctly showing. I have crawled the website since updating the meta descriptions multiple times with no success. Please let me know of any suggestions. Our website is

Thanks in advance!

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By "...crawled the website ... multiple times" do you mean using the "Request for Re-Index" feature in the Google Search Console? You can do this to also check if there are any issues or errors with the page(s) you request.

See here:

Unfortunately, nothing can really compel or force Google to re-crawl or re-index your site any faster than it's algorithm or its own rules to do so.  A request is just that, a request, and not a command for Google to do so. Sometimes it can be quick and sometimes can take weeks to have Google re-crawl or re-index.

Google also states in their support documentation:

You can request that an inspected URL be crawled by Google. Indexing can take up to a week or two; you can check the progress using this tool.

To request indexing, select Request indexing on the report. If the page passes a quick check to test for immediate indexing errors, it will be submitted to the indexing queue.

You can also try re-submitting (or submitting if you haven't done it already) your Shopify Sitemap to Google. See Shopify's documentation on how to do submit your Sitemap to Google:

Hope that helps!

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Hi Klordesigns,

I totally agree with everything Joe has said. You can re-submit your site but it only takes Google to decide when they want to come and index the site.

All the best,