Google misrepresentation extremely vague.

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I could be missing something simple, it might have nothing to do with the site. I have no clue. But this process is exhausting. The Google and YouTube say I added the appropriate policies green checks. My site is very basic and needs a lot of work but I don't see how it's not compliant. 

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Google and YouTube restricts certain kinds of products. Legal pages on you store should be compliant with Google policies.

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Hey Dqdistribution,


There are a few points which you can check regarding the misrepresentation issue.


- Promotions that prompt customers to initiate a purchase, download, or other commitment without first providing all relevant information and obtaining the customer’s explicit consent.

- Promotions that represent you or your products in a way that is not accurate, realistic, and truthful.

- Promising products or promotional offers that aren’t available for users

- Claiming to be a certified reseller of goods when not actually certified, using a brand name to drive traffic to a different product on the site.

- Misleading use or mimicry of official government sites, stamps, seals, or agency names.

- Lastly, if your ad or listing leads to content that violates a policy, update your website to meet the requirements and be in compliance with our policies.

And if all these checks are done, then you can request a review of your products or appeal the decision taken on this issue.


Best Regards,
Team Adnabu

Harsh Gussain | Customer Success Executive@ AdNabu

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Unfortunately none of those were the issue, and since they decided to unsuspend the 'misrepresentation' and reactivate it, I will never know what caused.


They made the site live for 2 days and now suspend again for 'Need website improvement'. 


I wish they would just spell out what they have an issue with.