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Hi, my website continually gets flagged by google for misrepresentation. I have added shipping, refund and privacy policy, removed items that are not in stock from my products and still no luck. When google reviews they don't provide any exact reasons. All my items are disapproved also so i am unsure if its a website or product issue.

I have had multiple sales of multiple items which everything i have is in stock.

My website is


All and any help would be very much appreciated !

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I recommend adding your business name and address on your contact page. Google wants to know who you are, and wants consumers also to know who you are.

Also consider adding a contact form.


Make sure to show if an item is in or out of stock on the product landing page.


make sure a user can click on the cart link in the checkout, which is currently missing.


I also recommend you read:

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Hello @cski,


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Here are a few things you can check to see if they are the reason why your website is being flagged.

> Make sure you have included your business address, email, phone number and Contact Form in the Contact Us page
> Make sure that the images and videos accurately represent your products.
> Be clear about how long it will take to ship your products and when customers can expect to receive them.
> Be clear about your refund and return policies and how customers can request a refund or return.
> Make sure that your prices are accurate.

You can try contacting Google Merchant Center support for more help.

Meanwhile, refer this guide and make sure you are not viloating any Google policies. 


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Thank you for posting - I have been selling on other platforms Etsy, Ebay and did a website on BigCommerce Jan.  I created the shopify store for the fabric - added 300 products got free listings showing on google merchant center - then ok time to do a google ad - so created a performance max ad - went to bed then woke up the next morning to google ads acct suspended and all 300 listings disapproved in GMC from listings - 

There is no checklist - Why can't anyone look at it and tell me what I did wrong and what rule is broken that misrepresents?  Is it name and address?  was there an old google ads or gmc account tied to my same email address or payment method - no idea after 60 days, I am just devastated I never cry and I just break down in tears morning noon and night as my shopify website fails and I have no idea what I did wrong or how to fix - as well as my feelings hurt and my reputation ruined and I have no idea why or what i did wrong - it is soul crushing.

Have you figured out what happened or what triggered?  Were you able to get cleared?  or are you still in the same boat as I am 45 days later and still suspended and in google jail