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Hi everyone. I can find loads of information on how to get Google Reviews on SHOPPING, but nothing on Google My Business reviews.

I want to extract all of our reviews on our Google My Business page and put them into the Shopfiy store. How on earth do I do this?,1...

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Doing this on Earth, Please continue reading... To do this in Space you can Ask Aliens 🙂

Actually, to put it on your website please follow these steps:

If you copy and paste the reviews on your site, you remove the legitimacy from the post, and you may run afoul of content usage rights. However, there is a way to embed these reviews directly from your business page.

  1. Sign in to the Google account controlling your business listing.
  2. Load your Google+ business page.
  3. Click the share icon located in the lower right-hand corner of the review.
  4. Click the options arrow in the top right corner of the shared post.
  5. Choose "Embed Post" from this menu.
  6. Copy the Header code.
  7. Open the review page of your website in your preferred editor.
  8. Paste the header code between the <head></head> HTML tags on this page.
  9. Copy the Content code.
  10. Paste this code wherever you want to display the review.

Another method



Note you also can see the option to extract embedding code as well.

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You can display your Google My Business reviews on your website using Google Reviews & Rating Widget app.

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