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My site , has been online for 15 years ,


A few of our main brands are Wildfox & The Ragged Priest


Wildfox - we have managed to get on page 1 for the keyword


The Ragged Priest - literally tearing my hair out about!! We have the term in our page title and good SEO on it (the same as wildfox) and STILL nothing, its as if its invisible to google?


BING / Yahoo, both have us on page 1 for "The Ragged Priest" , but google we feature no where 


Can anyone help work out whats going wrong? Why google isnt finding us?



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I'm no SEO pro ..the first thing I would look at are your robot text files and see if someone accidentally disallowed Google but not Bing and Yahoo. That would cause this issue and go unnoticed by a lot of people my SEO friends tell me. I would also look in Google Search Console and make sure Google can index and see my site ok.. make sure there are no errors as well. If that all looks ok, then maybe hire someone do an external audit as a fresh pair of eyes may be needed on the site.

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